This is Darren’s True Spanking and Caning Story on Kindle

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WARNING: This book is for ADULTS ONLY! My story contains detailed accounts of canings, spankings with a plimsoll, BDSM and explicit sexual content. It is not suitable reading for anyone under 18 years of age. 

Hello I am Darren. After enduring twelve long years of mundane marriage I eventually succumbed to temptation and decided to leave my wife to live with her slightly younger sister.

After eight months of living with my sister in law I realised that I had made a big mistake and when she asked me to move out I was desperate for my wife to have me back. I was very surprised when my wife did agree to me moving back in on the condition that I would allow her to punish me severely for what I did.
My wife then ordered a selection of canes online and I was about to regularly pay a very high price for my misdemeanour and on one occasion so was my sister in law. Thank you Samantha for helping me to tell my painful story.

I watch Jane put the cane down onto the table next to me and then she walks around behind me, she then unceremoniously pulls my tracksuit trousers down to around my knees and them immediately pulls my 7 pairs of pants down.

I am now lying stretched across our kitchen table with my totally bare backside at the mercy to this merciless woman and her cruel cane. My heart rate and breathing suddenly increase sharply. I watch Jane pick the cane up again, she sounds a little angry as she speaks.

“You really do keep taking me for a fool don’t you Darren. I am going to give you 10 hard strokes today and please try to take them like a man this time.”

No way am I going to take ten of her severe strokes onto my bare ass, I immediately protest.

“No, no way am I going to take 10 of your strokes with that thing.”

“You have just made it 11 strokes now Darren!”